Frequently Asked Questions
How does help me gain subscribers, followers, likes, etc.? When you short a link, e.g. a download or an interesting site with, all users first have to do whatever you want them to if they want to continue to the target site, like subscribe to you, or like a video of yours.
If a user performs an action one time, will they have to do it on a different shortened link again? No, remembers all subscribed channels, followed accounts, liked videos, etc. and will automatically mark these steps as done across all shortened links.
Why is this FAQ in a chat style? I don't know either, but I'm sure Harrington — our designer — had a good reason.
My question is not answered here, and also that last question is probably not a frequently asked question. If your question is is not answered here, feel free to send an email to [email protected], and also your question isn't even a question.